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Over the last 7 years, I went from $65,000 in debt to a net worth of $350,000 with 5 steps. I want to encourage more young people of color to take control of their finances too.

In this article, Dr. Moore Taylor outlines critical steps to growth in WEALTH, specifically, for the Black community!

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The Debt Trap

In this article, Dr. Moore highlights the impact her students loans had on her ability to pursue different career paths.

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This Grad Student Eliminated Her Housing Expense to Pay Off Her Student Loans (Podcast Guest)

In this episode, Emily interviews Dr. Erika Moore Taylor, an assistant professor at the University of Florida and the founder of Moore Wealth.

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From engaged to a prenup? How my partner and I planned for divorce before we got married (Article by EMT)

Almost as soon as we got engaged, my fiance and I started planning for our divorce. Here's why we discussed getting a prenup.

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Long-distance on one income: How my partner and I manage two households on one salary (Article by EMT)

Contributor Erika Moore Taylor shares how she and her partner dream big but spend less by arranging their budget to purposefully live on just one single income.

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Why I'm glad I brought up money on my first date with my now-husband (Article by EMT)

How soon is "too soon" to talk about money with a new significant other? Erika Moore Taylor shares how she broke the ice with her now-husband on their first date.

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This Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree paid off $65,000 in debt before she finished grad school—and her husband's loans are next (Article Interview)

CNBC Select spoke to Dr. Erika Moore about how she budgeted her way through her Ph.D. program and graduated debt-free.

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