Our Beginning

Founded in November 2019 by Dr. Erika Moore Taylor, Moore Wealth is dedicated to providing scholarships to students and to delivering curriculum in financial literacy. We are a group of passionate experts who believe in empowering students in financial literacy. We have coached students from the top Universities in the world including The Johns Hopkins University, University of Washington, North Carolina State University, and many others. Our work has been featured in CNBC Select, Business Insider, and in Science.

Our Impact

Financial Support

Since Fall 2020, we have given students over $2,000 in scholarships!

Financial Events

Since our beginning, we have engaged with over 300 students, teachers, staff and faculty at Universities all over the United States!

We are actively seeking partnerships with Universities and student associations —in particular, any group interested in better educating students with regards of financial literacy concepts. Whether it be budgeting, scholarships, planning for your first job, we cover it all while offering action-based advice.