Our Mission is to increase financial literacy for historically excluded students across the United States through educational workshops. Moore Wealth also provides scholarships to students to alleviate financial burdens and financial inequities.
We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, EIN 85-3785378!

Moore Wealth Curriculum

We believe all students must be educated in their personal finance. To ensure access and increase education, we partner with organizations to deliver financial literacy workshops. Our partners include: The Future of STEM Scholars Initiative, Oakland Public School system, as well as many universities and departments!

Financial Support

We award scholarships for students in financial need! Visit our Scholarship for recent awardees!

Financial Events

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The Debt Trap- Student loans nearly derailed my Ph.D. ambitions. I worry about other underrepresented students, too

Read Dr. Moore Taylor's experience in Science Working Life as she navigated her undergraduate degree and found out she was in much more student loan debt than she realized! 

Interested in our workshops? 

Email outreach@moorewealth.org!